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  • A Prayer for Jimmie

    Some funerals are especially memorable. The family gathered yesterday for a young man whose untimely death touched us especially deeply. Here is what happened. Read more here.

  • Angels

    The ongoing battle between good and evil is underway. There are those forces within us that are creative and redemptive. There are also those forces that seek to destroy. On the Feast Day of Michael and All Angels, we celebrate the “slaying of the dragon”…namely, the destructive forces within. Read more.

  • Once in a Blue Moon

    The moon was magnificent on Friday July 31, 2015. I cannot help but stand in awe of such events as these. Here are some reflections on that glorious moment, 8:03pm at moonrise. Once in a Blue Moon It is a rarity but it does happen. Once every 30 months astronomers tell us. The reference is […]

  • Is There a God?

    It is a haunting question for those of us who believe, but it must be asked. Here follows just one reply;   Not long ago I had lunch with a dear friend, someone I have known since seminary days. We have always been able to be honest with one another and our friendship runs very […]

  • God Bless America?

    On the 4th of July I put this question to our congregation; God Bless America? If I were to say to you; “God Bless America”, what version of America would come to you mind? Would it be a Republican or Democratic version? A Conservative or Liberal version? Would there be a free market or fair […]

  • Marriage Equality, Health Care and The Beloved of God

    And thanks be to God, that would be YOU! As a long time and outspoken advocate of the poor and for marriage equality, I greet the recent decisions of the Supreme Court with joy! Not everyone will. God knows that in the world of “faith” there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth over these […]

  • Do You Not Care?

    Jesus, Do You Not Care that we are Perishing? Let me begin with a greeting; Happy Fathers Day. When Jesus spoke of his father, he used the word “abba” which means something like “daddy”. There is, in the relationship between God and Jesus an intimacy.  Even in the midst of a great windstorm, when the waves […]

  • Rediscovering Celtic Christianity and Joy!

    Joy and Celtic Christianity Pictured is Aidan of Lindisfarne d. August 31,651AD. A pioneer in the Celtic Spirit of Christianity. And what was the idea behind Celtic Christianity? Organize community life around the needs of the people. For example, are your loved one dying, bring them here and we’ll tend to them. Are they sick? […]

  • God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines

    God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines “Deus escrive certo por lingas tortas”   A few years ago I needed a folk saying to use to describe a theological method by which we come to understand how we humans love one another and God. I was coming to the conclusion of a book I wrote on […]

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