A Sacred Space

A Sacred Space

  1. Set aside a sacred space in your home
  2. Set aside sacred time.
  3. You may wish to have a focal point(s) in your sacred space.
  4. That focal point may be an icon or a cross or other symbol that means something to you.
  5. You may wish to have a battery operated candle or a real one to give the space a sacred feel to it
  6. A meditation bell is often helpful to make us quiet.
  7. Remember that if you rearrange the letters in the word “listen”, you will find the word; “silence”. Both are graceful words.
  8. Incense introduces us to the “odor” of God. It is as ancient as prayer and meditation itself to use it.

candleSet aside a sacred space and a sacred time. It will be time for silence and meditation; a time to be within your own heart. My sacred space is at my desk where I have no distractions. There is no TV or radio to distract me. There is only an icon of Jesus and a flickering candle reminding me that all shall be well. You deserve such a space for your heart and life with God.

Not far away there is another focal point; a cross and another flickering candle. Here I can remember that the journey within my own heart increases the likelihood that I will meet God’s heart within me. When I look for God, I do not look “up”there, but “in”here.

A meditation bell with its lovely reverberation; its echoing sounds, quickens the soul in an entirely different way and I find myself listening more attentively for the “still, small voice.”I remember that “listen”also contains the same letter as “silence”.

This is none other than the household of God, my own home, my own sacred space is God’s dwelling place.