The Journey

The Journey Home

323127_3557100200798_2046131417_oNow that I’ve retired I find myself home again in the Boston area. The journey home has taken me to many places around the world. I find looking back how sacred this journey is. Here in Boston is where I was born and learned to love God. This is where I got a glimpse of God’s Justice and Mercy. I continue on a part time basis doing parish ministry. Now I’m working with a wonderful bunch of folks at St. Paul’s Church in North Andover.

Pleading The Case For God and His People

Now that I’m retired, I thought I’d take a bit more time to plead the case for God and the people of God. I’ve been a priest for 42 years in the Episcopal Church. This church allows plenty of room for conscience, thought, questions and inquiry. I have my doubts like lots of folks. But I’ve also discovered the power of the love of God both for me and for God’s people. So I set out on this journey a long time ago and am eager to share it with you.

327430_2604282220944_1655163092_oGod’s Love For Everyone

When Jesus lived among us there were no distinctions. He recruited anyone interested in following him. Whether they were rich or poor, fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, the blind, the halt and outcasts of all sorts, he taught them all that there was a special place in God’s love for everyone. The healing touch of Jesus’ love is as important now as it always has been. I believe with all my heart that Jesus is very much aware of and involved in our lives as one who loves, forgives, and calls us to the work of Justice and Peacemaking. Thus God makes healers of us all.

No Barriers In The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in recent years has embraced the teachings of Jesus by opening its ordained and lay leadership to men and women of all races, and in all conditions of life, whether divorced, single, gay or straight. There are now no barriers to ordination. There are no barriers to membership. We have embraced ALL people who seek to love Jesus with all their hearts souls and minds. And now we welcome you and those you love to the household of God. As a Priest in the Episcopal Church I too embrace the teachings of Jesus!

St. Paul’s Church in North Andover

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